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Compte-rendu d'un mec (Leak du 1er et du 2 Novembre)

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Je viens e trouver ça sur le net, mais je n'arrive pas à sourcer exactement l'origine, il s'agirait d'un journaliste testant le jeu en avant première (23h), qui donne ses premières impressions, attention donc au risque de spoil si l'interview est authentique :



How the game looks and feels :
The user described the game as not looking revolutionary but still looking better than what we’ve seen so far in E3 and via the official screenshots. The game as a whole looks much better than the sum of its parts and the lighting is one of the best he has ever seen. There have been a few framerate dips here and there, but there’s also a lot more on the screen than compared to Fallout 3.

Difficulty Levels :
There are six difficulty levels. Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Survival Hardcore. With each difficulty levels the your character’s damage, enemy resistance, the rate at which enemies spawn and the rate at which legendary enemies spawn are different. Legendary enemies will drop legendary loot for the player once defeated. So there’s perhaps even more of an incentive to bump up the difficulty other than craving a challenge. These legendary items have unique characteristics. Examples of which are better critical hit chances or regeneration of Action Points upon landing a critical hit, the last difficulty is really for hardcore gamers, role playing player.

The color of your heads up display – HUD – will be configurable via red, green and blue sliders.

The lock-picking and hacking minigames are identical to those in Fallout 3.

Map Size :
The player said that it was hard to tell as the map appeared to be quite small in size inside the pip-boy but was actually massive and much closer to the size of Skyrim more a half.

Combat And Enemy AI :
The player described the first person experience as being amazing, while Fallout 4 is definitely no Call of Duty the first person experience is fantastic and the immersion is incredible. It feels visceral, you feel the impact and the recoil of the weapons, each of which feels completely unique. It’s a huge jump from Fallout 3, which had somewhat of a clunky combat system. The enemy AI feels much more real. Your enemies will hide away from your sights, seek cover and opportunistically attack you when your health is low or when you’re busy reloading. Worthy of note is that the player said he was playing in hard mode. Finally he also said that people can choose to play completely without VATS as it’s not really essential in anyway.

Animations And NPC Diversity:
The animations looked perfect. And there’s great variety in how the people look. Even generic NPCs like raiders will look completely different from one another.

Dialogue System, Diplomacy And Karma :
The player said that he did not really enjoy the dialogue system in the game. And that in 23 hours he faced very few missions in which he wasn’t able to get out of a situation by through dialogue. There is a similar friendship system to that in Dragon Age and Mass Effect games. However there is no visible karma system. The in-game statistics also did not have any indicators for your reputation. So the reputation system will likely work in a similar way to Skyrim’s the player speculated.

Settlements :
One of the primary features in the game. A lot of people will love it, some will not care for it. The player described that he actually normally enjoys this sort of thing in role playing games but that in Fallout 4 he felt that it was harder and more in-depth than he would’ve liked.bThere are almost endless options for it, many missions and objectives that can very easily distract you from the rest of the game.

How Settlements Work :
You will find red workshops tables spread out in settlements all over the world of Fallout 4. A few of those will be on empty settlements that you can build from scratch, while others will be occupied. If you encounter such an occupied settlement you have to first identify what type of people have settled in it. If they’re friendly NPCs you can complete missions to help them and gain their trust. Everything that was showcased in the E3 gameplay showcase can be done by the player. You can destroy and rebuild everything you see in these settlements.

To sustain the population of a given settlement you have to provide them with food, water, energy and beds. Settlements become under attack, in which case you will receive a message notifying you of the situation with the option to go defend your settlement. You can invest countless hours building and sustaining your settlements. A home away from home, where the NPCs are “your people” and you can use these settlements as a base to rest, recoup and carry on with your adventures.

Weapons :
The player claims to have seen 12-15 basic weapons which you can modify with mods, which he described as “crazy”. Every one of those 12-15 basic weapons has 25-30 unique pieces that can be used to customize it and change its stats.

Power Armor :
The player described power armor as something that you’d treat almost like a vehicle. You wear the power armor by climbing inside it, if you climb out the power armor stays where you left it. It’s heavy, bulky and slow but extremely powerful.

Loading Screens:
The player said he had run into many small buildings that don’t require any loading screens. However, bigger buildings still do. Although those loading screens are quite short 0.2 seconds. Shorter than loading screens encountered when fast traveling.

Narrative :
Finally the narrative. The player said it starts off a bit slow but it picks up and gets quite pacey. He said that in a full day of playing Fallout 4 he only managed to complete 4 of the main quests. They’re long, gruel and tough. But the story is developing into something very very interesting.


Je ne suis pas assez bon en anglais pour traduire ça, mais sa reste facilement compréhensible.

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Tu as trouvé ça d'où kims ?

http://wccftech.com/fallout-4/ ?

SI c'est ça on dirait pas le compte-rendu d'un journaliste, mais plutôt d'un mec lambda.

Qui a eu la moule de pouvoir activer son jeu sur console (blue-ray power) .



Sinon je trouve que ces informations (ci dessous) sont très intéressantes.

Et en plus on trouve une liste de perks bien utile.


Ce serait bien de mettre ça en forme et en français quelque part sur le forum.


Source : http://wccftech.com/fallout-4-leak/

  1. Weapons will never decay, and will never require any repair.
  2. Fusion cores are required to power the Power Armor. These fusion cores have a finite amount of energy and will run out. There’s a perk that will extend the length of time that each given fusion core will last.
  3. While inside your power armor, you can carry significantly more weight and your damage resistance is also significantly higher, however you move considerably slower. You can also enter buildings with your power armor equipped.
  4. New Perk “Dumb Luck” , Luck Level 5 : Receive three times the experience points at random for any action, the lower your intelligence the greater the chance.
  5. New Perk “Ghoul”, Endurance Level 9 : Of course you’re still human, on the outside. Radiation will now regenerate your health.
  6. New Perk “Pain Train”, Strength Level 10 : Choo choo! All aboard! If you have Power Armor equipped you can sprint and bash your enemies to deal damage. Robots and huge enemies can’t be bashed.
  7. New Perk “Reflect”, Perception Level 7 : You are like a mirror! Get +10 resistance to energy damage.
  8. New Perk “Nuclear Physicist”, Intelligence Level 9 : You have learnt to split the atom…and master it! Radiation weapons do 50% more damage and fusion cores last 25% more.
  9. Dialogue : You will often be presented with two options in dialogue to deal with various situations. You can either choose to deal with the situation diplomatically or aggressively. Some dialogue options if chosen will prevent you from going back and choosing other options / dialogue themes.
  10. Some dialogue options will be color coded – Green, Orange & Red – to indicate the chance of success depending your Charisma level.
  11. There are six difficulty Levels and now hardcore mode similar to what was present in Fallout New Vegas. These difficulty levels however not only affect your enemies’ resistance to your damage, but also the chances of encountering legendary enemies which will be designated with a star in their avatar. These legendary enemies will drop unique loot.
  12. Stealth mode is quite similar to Skyrim’s but is slightly improved. There are a lot of perks in the game related to stealth and theft.
  13. There’s a new weapon type in the game aside from regular guns and elemental weapons that outputs “radiation” damage.
  14.  In the character creation menu you will be allowed to customize your body type but not your height.
  15. The cover system in the game is contextual so you don’t have to actually press any button to enter cover. By simply walking towards the object that you want to take cover behind you will automatically enter cover. You can engage in and out of cover by aiming your weapon. The system is quite similar to that of Metal gear.


Les Aptitudes de Fallout 4 :










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Les rumeurs ont l'air franchement vraies.

Le mec joue vraiment sur sa ps4.

Sinon pour la liste des perks, c'est confirmé, ça vient des vidéos leakées en faisant pause ils ont reconstitué tous les perks.

J'ai la vidéo et j'ai vérifié rapidement, tout semble concorder donc on peut y aller.

edit : Ici il semblerai que les perks soient confirmés aussi :


ps2 : je trouve le perk "dumb luck" excellent dans l'idée, mais qu'est-ce que ça donne in-game c'est encore difficile à savoir.

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Au pire on est pas obligé de tout traduire, mais on peut créer 7 posts différents, chacun dédiés à une ligne de perk.

Cela permettra d'avoir des discussions plus spécifique sur ces perks.

Je m'en occupe pour la création des posts.

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Sans traduction est-ce vraiment utile ? Seul le staff et les "élus anglophiles" pourront en discuter.

Je veux pas te décourager mais je te donne ma vision : choses en cours > ce sujet. Et : traduire ce sujet > en parler


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zgunner, je sais bien, mais c'est pas lisible d'avoir tout sur une seule image.

C'est trop à la fois. Et toutes ces couleurs et ces rectangles au milieu ne rendent pas la lecture plus facile au contraire...


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Voilà les topics sont créés :


Au final, je pense que ça permettra de clarifier les choses pour chaque ligne de perks.

Si vous avez des questions ou si vous ne comprenez pas l'anglais, demandez !

C'est plus simple pour nous de répondre aux questions en attendant la/les traductions officielles.

Si on s'amuse à tout traduire, on va perdre du temps pour rien car le 10 novembre on pourra mettre la trad officielle.


j'édite mon gros message et je met let liens quelque part.

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il y a 26 minutes, Eldrak a dit :

Donc ce que j'avais cru voir sur les vidéos leakées était vrai... Ils ont viré l'usure des armes... Dans. Un. Fallout ! *Va chercher un vallium*

L'usure de la super armure oui mais pas les armes ? C'est assez incohérent ça je trouve .... En plus ça limitait donc le butin que l'on pouvait se faire à la revente :(((((( snif

On va finir le jeux riches qui sait ?

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C'était très simple de devenir riche dans le 3 à la base... Mais alors là... D'un coté ils nous pondent un joli système de craft,et de l'autre coté, ils virent l'usure, ils sont schyzo, y a pas moyen... Enfin bon, c'est comme pour skyrim, encore une fois, les moddeurs sauveront le monde ! (Moi je dis, une statue s'impose pour ces gars là)

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T'es sur que c'est la carte complète?

Dans ce cas, j'ai lu que Skyrim faisait 15 miles en ingame size et que d'après l'article en anglais au debut du post, la carte de F4 fait une fois et demie celle de Skyrim donc environ 23 miles soit 37 km sur la hauteur et en gros 33 km sur la longueur

Mais c'est possible qu'un carré  fasse 1 mile donc 29 de haut sur 27 sur la longueur, mais je ne fais qu'extrapoler en fonction de ce qui est dit au dessus et de l'info que j'ai lue. Donc, il est possible que je me trompe. D'ailleurs, concernant l'article en anglais, il s'agirait plutôt d'un compte rendu d’interview de joueur. Mais par qui?


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Après analyse de la carte

On reconnait le quartier type Desperate housewife ou l'on vivait le petit pont qu'on traverse et qui mene à l'abri 111.

Autant dire qu'en 1 minutes à pied on parcours un ptit bout de carte !


Du coup, elle a rien à voir avec la carte de Skyrim, qui était très grande, cette carte de fallout 4 ! (si elle est complète)    :-/



Après je suis un fanboy m'en tape je vais quand même bien m'amuser, même si y'a quelques ombres noires au tableau global !

Tiens je suis en train de me faire une tenue d'abri... si je couds assez vite je pourrais aller chercher le jeu dedans dans une semaine ! (abri 13 évidemment !) :)

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Je suis allé voir un plan plus qques infos sur le jeu. Apparemment la ville de Concord est incluse. La distance (réelle) du centre de Boston à Concord est de 25 km environ. Même ramené à l'échelle du jeu, ca va faire une bonne trotte pour nos petits petons de survivants Falloutiens. Donc, au vu de la carte postée ci dessus ( la première), il y aura une bonne surface à explorer.

PS: pas mal, la vidéo avec Chris "Christmas"  Rodriguez


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