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Derniére version ?

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La dernière version date d'hier.

Ca serait pas mal d'avoir un topic de news pour ce mod.

J'ai pas su où placer mon post.



RP 2.3 Change Log:

New Content:• You can now play as a female red head.• The toaster at the EPA would give you a new ability but it never showed up in your perk list. It now does.• Russian translation (1C) now included in the installer.Bug Fixes:Abbey:------• Fixed several scripting errors with the pump questline.• All NPCs at the Abbey will now properly attack you if you are caught stealing from them.• Fixed dialogue scripting errors with the Wooz and Brother Jason questline.• Corrected an instance where the Brother Samuel and Father Tully questline wouldn't get crossed off.• Companions now correctly show the church background for the first level of the Abbey.• Your car now goes with you when you escort Brother Jason to Gecko.• Correct logic error when talking with Brother Jason about formatting the harddrives.Broken Hills:-------------• Corrected a few remaining instances where you could still go on a caravan despite Chad being in jail or dead.Den:----• Fixed dialogue scripting error with Flick and the orphanage questline.• Anna's diary now once again gives you 100xp for reading it.• Fixed a nasty issue with the gang church attack that would cause Lara's gang to not initiate combat when reaching the church.EPA:----• Agility increasing syringe gets properly removed when used. For real this time.• Force fields on green level can no longer be shot through.• Cleaning the right-most fan no longer gives double xp when cleaned.• Time now passes (2 hours) when you improve your skills by learning from the NPCs you can recruit at the EPA.• Doctors bag only requires one hypodermic needle to be created (rather than 2), as was intended.• You can no longer repair the voice computer on the yellow level infinite times.Gecko:------• Using Gamma Gulp on Lenny (when he's using his new, optional appearance) no longer gives a float of "Error".Navarro:--------• Commander now correctly uses the male proto file rather than a female one.New Reno:---------• You can no longer ask Renesco about heart health pointers until actually first learning about this Bishop• Fixed crash when boxing or fighting in San Fran when wearing the new player appearance option• Fixed instance where the pit boss claims you won McGee's fortune despite you not having done so.• Some female Wright children were missing scripts• Bill at Salvatore's bar is no longer partially stuck inside the bar counter.• Eldridge no longer gets stuck when he goes back to get check on his dogs/• Guards at Carlson's place will now recognize that he is dead (you'll have to leave the map first). Same at Westin's ranch.NCR:----• Fixed issues with stealing from Dr. Jubilee's shelf in regards to the pills questline.• Fixed dialogue scripting errors with Elise in regards to the slaver camp.• Adding missing script to one of the peasants near the entrance.• Rangers at the safe houses now properly react to you stealing from them.Redding:--------• Little girl in Madame Madjeska's house was missing her script.• Correct out of place dialogue line with Lou about giving Fannie the jet antidote.San Francisco:--------------• You can no longer steal from the plant men at Sheng's hideout.• NPCs at the Hubologist stash now react to you stealing from them.• Companions now use the proper background (church background) when at the Hubologist stash.Misc:-----• Installer fixes/tweaks:-Properly handles Steam installation path if it's in the Program Files directory.-Installer checks fallout2.cfg to make sure the music path is correct and will correct it if it isn't. This is especially important for GoG users.-Armors for non-human characters would not get copied over unless the human armor option for companions was also chosen. This has been corrected.-DirectX 9 is properly enabled for Vista+ setups so that messed up colors don't happen. Basically, things should work even better out of the box now.• High resolution patch updated to V4.1.7.• Sfall updated to v3.2.• Kitsune's default combat setting is now unarmed, per her main abilities. Remember you can always change her (or any NPC) combat settings.• Added a few minor lines for dumb characters where the game would incorrectly display normal INT lines.• Fix crashes when using the new optional boxing animations.• Fixed several instances where an NPC should attack you but instead would still initiate dialogue normally/do nothing if you were out of their sight range (blocked by a scenery piece, etc)• Numerous typos, grammar, whitespace, and dialogue fixes.• Several map issues fixed (missing blockers, standing inside scenery, holes in maps, etc)• Many other issues that never got properly documented over the last 5 months.


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Yep, merci nao il faut qu'on voit comment faire passer le PNO 2.2 en 2.3

Comme d'hab il faut vérif dans la VO si ya des modifs de dialogue datatextenglish et les inclure dans la VF.


ps : pour le topic tu as raison, il faudrait un truc qui recence les changelog, avec éventuellement une traduction des readme du RP ce serait trop beau. On en a déjà fait plusieurs dans des versions précédentes.

pour me contacter: [email protected] -> [email protected]

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Je suis pas sùr d'avoir passé l'info, mais on est au 2.3.1 dans les derniers jours de décembre.

Bug Fixes:Den:----• You can no longer gamble at Becky's gambling tables after she is dead.Vault City:-----------• Unlocked dialogue for Cassidy where he talks about his dislike of  Myron. This is all vanilla and I swear it was unlocked long ago, but  seems to have been lost. Anyway, it's back!New Reno:---------• Extended the dance sequence that you can do as a female player at the Shark Club.• Wiping out a gang family causes the casino to become abandoned (i.e. you can't gamble anymore, the patrons leave, etc).EPA:----• Killing the spore plants on the Green Level no longer counts towards wiping out the plants on the surface.Vault 13:---------• Unlocked conversation with Goris asking him about his true identity. This was prevented before by bad vanilla scripting.Random Encounters:------------------• Fixed crashes with Kaga. Most cropped up due to saving/loading during  his encounter, but this should also make his encounter more stable in  general as well. Also potentially fixes the issue where you would  encounter Kaga but the map would be empty.Misc:-----• Added high-res patch v3.06 as a legacy option in the installer for Mac  OS users and those that need to use an older version of the high-res  mod because of graphic/UI problems.• Installer fix for Russian translation: Deselecting Cassidy's new voice  will correctly NOT copy over the Russian voiced files. Before, the  Russian voice files were always copied over when you chose the Russian  language, no matter what Cassidy options you set.• Several vanilla fixes that I won't list here (unofficial patch docs  has that info), but I want to at least mention it so you don't think  this release of the RP isn't worth the update. ;)
Puis au 2.3.2 au début Janvier :
Code:Bug Fixes:----------Klamath:--------• Some female children were still incorrectly using the male child model instead of the new female one.New Reno:---------• Fixed nasty bug accidently introduced with the extended dance sequence in the last release. Sorry about that!• Restored missing script that triggers when entering Lloyd's room.• Reverted change about casinos becoming abandoned after wiping out a gang family. While logical, it became controversial and other areas of the game don't get affected in this way. So, it's all or nothing and we're going with back to the vanilla state (nothing).
PS 2 : Comment quitter le WYSIWYG sur ce forum ? Je suis perdu sans les balises...PS 1 : Je fais pas parti de la team, mais je passe plus de temps sur nma que sur fogen, d'où les news.Edit: Merci Hawk-Eye


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Je comprend que le PNO 2.3 n'est pas encore disponible en VF

Je sais pas si j'ai des bugs mais j'ai pas d'autre carte via les zones vertes à l'EPA et pas de docteur en vue qui confie des quête.

Aussi la chargé des relations publiques ne fait que de me proposer des visites et je ne peux repondre seulement que je ne veux pas visiter, ai-je pas assez en dialogue ? Mon perso est pas mal pourtant (du type au mutant sanglant)

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