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InXile conserve les droits de Van Buren pour plus tard

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Pas une super grosse actu, juste une interview confirmant que InXile possédait bien les droits de Van Buren et son intention d'en faire quelque chose... plus tard.


I spoke to Fargo recently, however, and he had more to say - implying he intends to make something Van Buren with Chris Avellone, if and when inXile has time. (Avellone retains close ties to inXile, having been involved in Wasteland 2 and, now, Torment: Tides of Numenera.)

I asked if Fargo was doing anything with the Van Buren trademark. "Not yet," he replied. "But there were some things, some ideas, that Chris Avellone had for doing something that made the post-apoc - a twist on the whole what-was-being-done that we really loved. So we talked about it and we thought why not grab the rights so we can entertain this one of these days.

"But nothing now," he stressed. "We have enough on our plate to be doing that right this second."

[Avellone clarified, in a tweet sent after this story first appeared, that Brian Fargo had already secured the Van Buren trademark before he and Fargo talked. "But we chatted about Van Buren (VB first iteration), yes!" he said.]

One of the eye-catching ideas Black Isle had for Van Buren was that the player would run into other players in the game world. You'd have a series of rivals that weren't necessarily enemies - more parties you would compete against, with different goals. They weren't necessarily evil, but they would have a different agenda. You would run into conflict with them over the course of the game.


While inXile now owns the trademark for Van Buren, the developer is unable to use any Fallout-related material in a possible game. Everything brand Fallout is owned by Bethesda, and it keeps a tight ship when it comes to copyright. Perhaps more likely is the Van Buren name is used for a new post-apocalyptic role-playing game unrelated to Fallout.

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