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Release FAQ - Gameplay

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Trouvé sur : https://wasteland.inxile-entertainment.com/backer-information/release-faq

Ce serait cool de traduire ça et de le mettre dans des posts séparés dans notre partie "Questions sur Wasteland 2".

J'ai pas vraiment le temps de faire ça pour le moment, donc en attendant, si ya un truc que vous ne comprenez pas, demandez.



What is new in the Director's Cut?

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut changes a huge number of aspects of the game. Our main new features and changes include:

  • Graphical overhaul and update to the Unity 5 game engine.
  • Expanded voice-over with thousands of newly-voiced lines for key characters and scenes.
  • Precision Strikes system allows you to target individual body parts on enemies in combat, which lets you inflict negative status effects on them.
  • Perks system lets you pick bonuses for your characters as they level up.
  • Quirks system lets you pick a personality trait for each custom created Ranger during character creation, with a gameplay-modifying positive and negative quality.
  • Rebalanced gameplay, including virtually all combat encounters, weapons, loot drops and containers.
  • Controller support on PC and console. On PC, you can select from keyboard and mouse input, as well as Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller modes.

There's plenty of smaller additions to be found, of course, but we'll leave those for you to find.


How have you improved the graphics?

In the Director's Cut, virtually all of our environment art and character models have been updated, we've added new visual effects such as fire and explosions, and we have overhauled lighting and shading thanks to Unity's new Physically-Based Rendering system, which approximates real-world lighting conditions.


How many Perks & Quirks are there?

We have nearly 20 Quirks and 90 Perks.


How do Perks work?

Perks can be picked as your characters level-up during the game. Every 4 levels characters will get a Perk Point, which can be spent at will on a Perk of your choice.

Perks available to each character depending on their skills, so for instance, you may need 6 in Assault Rifles to unlock a certain Perk. Some Perks are upgrades on top of other Perks, or may require other Perks to unlock.


What about Quirks?

You pick a Quirk during character creation for each character. Each Quirk has benefits and drawbacks, some of them more radical than others. For instance, Manic Depressive will cause your character's Attributes to change randomly every 15-20 minutes; Ascetic will give you bonus Skill Points on character creation, but prevents you from being able to use Trinkets.

Once a Quirk is selected, it's "for life", and can't be removed at any point in the game. Quirks are optional, so you don't need to pick one if you don't want to.


Do CNPC followers get Perks and Quirks?

CNPC followers come with predefined Perks (similar to their Skills) and can gain new ones throughout the game just like your regular characters.

CNPC followers do not have Quirks, as their gameplay effects are quite significant and we didn't want to stop you from picking a follower due to them having a Quirk you really don't like.


How do Precision Strikes work?

During combat you'll be able to select a Precision Strike option (similar to other attack options). This will in turn prompt you to fire on an enemy's specific body parts. These are:

  • Head: 1.35x damage, +25% crit bonus, chance of rendering the enemy confused or psychotic, causing them to attack their friends or behave erratically. Significant Chance to Hit penalty.
  • Torso: 0.8x damage, reduces the enemy's Armor. Small Chance to Hit penalty.
  • Arms: 0.7x damage, reduces the enemy's Chance to Hit, chance of destroying their weapon and causing it to explode in a shower of shrapnel. Moderate Chance to Hit penalty.
  • Legs: 0.7x damage, reduces the enemy's Combat Speed, chance of knocking them down and reducing their Action Points. Moderate Chance to Hit penalty.

These body parts will vary in their naming a bit depending on the enemy type. For example, if you go up against a robot, you might find that instead of a head, it has a CPU, and instead of a torso, a chassis.


Has game balance been affected?

Yes. Weapon stats, loot drops, container locations and contents scenes, merchant inventories, and more have all been changed. Almost every combat encounter in the game has been rebalanced and touched up with different enemy placement, numbers, types, cover positions, and more.


Are there new weapons?

Yep! We've added a smattering of unique weapons throughout the game that are in hard-to-find places - locked and hidden containers, carried by critical NPCs, and so on. The core weapon categories haven't changed, however.


Has the armor system changed?

We've changed the light/heavy armor distinction so that now heavy armor is Conductive, and certain enemies you find will also be marked as Conductive. Energy Weapons now do bonus damage to Conductive targets, and less damage to normal targets, instead of scaling off of the enemy's armor value.


Are there new skills, attributes or significant character system changes?

We haven't changed the existing character system, so all the old attributes, skills and so on are still there. However, Quirks and Perks will significantly affect how you choose to build your squad, due to their requirements and gameplay changes.



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La création des personnage diffère un peu avec la version aussi je pense que ce n'est pas compatible.

Il y a un nouveau système de traits comme dans fallout. Tu peux en prendre un à la création.

Il y a aussi des perks que nous pourrons prendre en fonction de nos stats et de la progression des personnages.


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C'est marrant pour la création de perso je trouve que les stats sont quasi identiques mais ya aussi l'apparition de "capacités spéciales" on dirait lorsqu'on passe certain seuils de compétences.

C'est génial, je sens qu'on va s'éclater comme des petits fous !!!


Est-ce qu'on sait s'il est possible de continuer en Director's Cut une partie qu'on a commencé dans la version normale ?

Non c'est clairement indiqué dans la FAQ dans la partie Technique, que je vais m'empresser de mettre dans "Aide Technique".


edit :




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