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[SPOILER] Les Armes Uniques de Wasteland 3

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(En cours de traduction)

Source https://xlunargaming.com/wasteland-3-unique-weapon-locations/

et là  https://wasteland.gamepedia.com/Wasteland_3_weapons ou ici aussi https://wasteland3.wiki.fextralife.com/Weapons



Unique Weapons
Name Weapon Type Location
Crossboom [Crossbow] Assault Rifle Bizarre Exterior
Dental Pick Blunt Bizarre Exterior
Frostbite Revolver Warrens
Shrink Ray Laser Weapon Old Survivalist Bunker
Spitfire Flamethrower Gett Family Homestead
Nitro Thrower Flamethrower Clown Museum
Brainwave Destabilizer Laser Weapon Downtown CO Springs
Dorsey Family Sword Bladed Snowed Inn Resort
The Emancipator Assault Rifle Bizarre Weapon Shop
Last Call Auto Shotgun Little Vegas
Last Resort Revolver Machine Commune
Patriarchs Hammer Blunt Patriarchs Palace
Red Ryder Air Rifle Sniper Rifle Santas Workshop
Atom Smasher Assault Rifle Godfisher Farm
Flamesaw Cannon Heavy Machine Gun Yuma County Speedway
Fusion Cannon Rocket Scar Collector Mine
Marshall’s Law Revolver Ranger HQ (Delgado)*
Old Man Winter Revolver Jimmy Bob CO Springs
Polar Express Rocket Jimmy Bob CO Springs
Polar Vortex Assault Rifle Little Hell
L'Effaceur Revolver Godfisher Windfarm
Roasty Toasty Flamethrower Jimmy Bob CO Springs
Blade of Winter Blade Jimmy Bob CO Springs
The Coming Storm Heavy Machine Gun Yuma County Speedway
Fuser Laser Laser Weapon Little Vegas
The Grizzly Brawling Jimmy Bob CO Springs
Kneecapper Blunt Jimmy Bob CO Springs
War Pig Heavy Machine Gun Jimmy Bob CO Springs
Whiteour Pump Shotgun Jimmy Bob CO Springs
Ray Tracer Sniper Ranger HQ (Delgado)*
Graviton Shredder Heavy Machine Gun Ranger HQ (Delgado)*
Plasma Fist Brawler  Ranger HQ (Delgado) *
Nidhogg Heavy Machine Gun Aspen
Cold Comfort Pump Shotgun Aspen
Reagan’s Gaze Rocket Denver Ruins

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