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ZAX Transmission: Holiday Cheer & Map Voting Coming to Nuclear Winter

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Source : actualité originale sur Bethesda.net

Nous fournirons la version française si Bethesda se décide un jour à la faire...

ZAX Transmission: Holiday Cheer & Map Voting Coming to Nuclear Winter

We’ve received a new transmission from Vault 51 and this time ZAX is looking to kick off a holiday gift exchange of sorts... Check out the latest improvements and festive treats coming to Nuclear Winter this week.

Salutations, Overseer Candidate [INSERT NAME],

I hope my latest message finds you continuing to pursue your dream of becoming the Overseer of Vault 51. Since our tests began, I have strived to make this endeavor as pleasant as possible, and to help Candidates feel at home in Vault 51 while awaiting their inevitable elimination. To further this effort, I have seen fit to add some additional decoration to the Vault in keeping with the human festivities that mark the end of the year. I hope the smell of pine and the twinkling of multicolored lights add seasonally appropriate cheer to the testing process.

Analysis of available data on pre-war human traditions indicates that some holidays celebrated at this time of year include an exchange of gifts between friends. As you are a mediocre and underwhelming Candidate, I doubt you have many friends with which to exchange gifts. In the interest of preserving your understandably fragile self-worth, I will be supplementing the gifts you would normally receive from friends with offerings of my own. You will be able to earn my gifts by participating in rounds of testing and eliminating your fellow Candidates. I will consider your eager participation in testing your holiday gift to me.

76 NW XmasRewards2019

As an additional reward for your barely acceptable behavior this year, you will soon be able to participate in rounds of testing in the Flatwoods region again. You and your fellow Candidates have demonstrated mastery of the Morgantown testing location, and I believe the next logical step in testing is to compare Candidate performance between Morgantown and Flatwoods. The return of Flatwoods will also afford us the opportunity to experiment with a new governmental system in Vault 51. I am pleased to announce that beginning soon [DEMOCRACY] will be coming to Vault 51.

76 NW mapvoting ESRB 600x200

Before each match, Candidates will have the chance to vote for the testing location of their choice – Flatwoods or Morgantown. Each Candidate’s vote will be tallied before deployment, and the location with the most votes will be used for the next round of testing. Candidates can vote by opening their map screens during staging. Each Candidate is allowed a single vote per match. In the event of a tie, or if Candidates attempt to delay testing by not voting, I will select the testing location. The addition of [DEMOCRACY] into the testing process constitutes your last holiday gift.

76 NW HalloweenRewards2019

Finally, as a thank you to those Candidates who participated in my recent [HALLOWEEN] experiment but were unable to complete the associated challenges, the [HALLOWEEN] reward content that some may have missed will be available to all Candidates for a limited time preceding the release of my holiday gifts. I have long hypothesized that humans – like other simple-minded mammals in Appalachia – would be more motivated to complete tasks if rewards were offered as a result. You have my sincere thanks for proving once again what easily manipulatable creatures humans are.

Happy Human Festivities Season from Vault 51,


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