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Downtimes / Changelogs / Opérations à la truelle sur FOnline 2238

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Ce sujet sera destiné à répertorier les downtime (serveur off) et les modifications récentes sur le serveur.

Je répertorie tous les changelog sur le premier post :


Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:43

- Added Sledgehammer, Hatchet and Radio to FixBoy list
- Added tools quest NPCs to almost every town; they'll give you a small quest, reward are crafting tools
- Traders can store more raw materials now
- Added Multi-Tool to some traders

Thu Aug 20, 2009 13:03

- LAG.

> Radio price adjusted, and additionally it requires electronic parts now in order to be crafted
> Fixed bug with Skeeve in Vault City where you could receive Day Pass for nothing, choosing the line with 2000$
> Added dialog option for mercs to push them
> Free running while in combat (not final version)

Thu Aug 20, 2009 22:25

> Removed transparency for some hotel doors, now they can be seen and closed
> Reduced SMG damage by 1
> Cars won't reveal position of your base now
> Fixed following Brahmin description
> Encounters fixes

Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:51

> Some towns have more than one entry point now (click on town/world on world map). More come in future updates.
> New trader in NCR / Bazaar.
> For now, crippled limbs after respawn disabled.
> Like always, many script fixes.

Tue Aug 25, 2009 23:43

> weakening timeout divided by two
> "vs" encounters now attack players too (after they deal with previous group, or even before)
> verbose vs brief combat display fix
> extra crippling chance reduced by half
> fair checks of traps/steal against guards perception (success means that the activity was not noticed)

> A little simple quest to deliver meat jerkys to kebab vendor in NCR from Grishem in Modoc.
> doctor skill will now have the ability of removing weakening timeout

> ncr map updates
> areas outside the gates of junktown and ncr, as well as vc courtyard are now more pvp-friendly (guards are more forgiving to stealing etc., depending on location)

Thu Aug 27, 2009 21:17

> some typos
> a lot map updates
> guard script updates
> small fixes in some other scripts (radiation/ replication stat bug, etc.)

Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:49

Server has been full-wiped. You need to create a new character before you can start playing again.

- radiation/replication stat bug
- wandering critters shouldn't go too far away from their home positions
- Bags for mercs re-enabled
- Added fixed status to repair table quest.
- unlimited brahmin followers bug fix

- player can now obtain many professions, but total level (sum of all acquired professions) can't be greater than 3.
- new encounter maps
- Traders get more money now
- Boosting Ammo produced by 3
- Players can see when someone is searching their pockets with steal (same check as guards)
- Dynamite and plastic explosives lowered on traders.
- various map updates

- download additional dat file!!! (HERE)
This file is very important and needs to be in your FOnline client folder or you will have missing graphics while playing!

Put the faction001.dat file into your FOnline client folder and that's it. The file is only a few kb small, so it is really not a big deal.

Tue Sep 01, 2009 0:08

- "Unlimited Steal" exploit should be fixed in towns.

- Added craftable lock item, that one can use to lock container. The complexity depends on crafter' lockpick skill.
- Armor is lost on certain death types(explosion, plasma melt, pulse incineration), on other critical deaths it's heavily damaged
- Items in encounters are deteriorated too (very high deterioration, and high number of breakages)
- town npcs don't drop items on death

- increased centaurs and floaters speed

Sat Sep 05, 2009 11:18

- Items from encounters have now properly displayed their breakage level (not only deterioration). The level itself is little more variable, but it's pretty high.
- Fixed Rose dialog, so now you can pay next rent for your room.
- Drug addictions no longer fade on death. Addiction length reduced.
- Encounter guard/town guard fixes

- Description for slavers

Sat Sep 05, 2009 19:54

- The client has been updated. It is needed to download the latest patch.

You can grab the archive here. The archive includes also the latest patch. So if you are new to FOnline: 2238, you don't need to download the last patch.

A changelog will follow soon.

Sat Sep 05, 2009 21:21

- Critters should now use running animations in turn based combat, if this is possible for them.

- Flagging is now visibile via name color. Red players are ones that have been flagged for either stealing/killing someone that was not flagged. For now, flags will be dropped upon death.

Sun Sep 06, 2009 23:39

- Fixed breakage count of items in encounters
- A lot map fixes, just like always
- A lot script fixes, just like always²

- Added a new quest in the north of the wasteland, by RoadWarrior!
- Tracking feature activated (a bit buggy right now. In 4 of 5 tries it doesn't work.)

- Using the new update tool is now needed. You can grab it here.

Thu Sep 10, 2009 20:12

- A lot map fixes
- Guard script fixes
- Encounters items deterioration revisited
- Fixed geiger counter text messages
- Tracking roll fix:
* trackerRoll < trackedRoll + 25: tracked gots message that he's followed
* trackerRoll + 25 < trackedRoll: tracker looses track

Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:07

- Map fixes
- Ghostfarm production facilities fixed

- Added new graphics (with upcoming client update)
- Changed Broken Hills a bit
- Remove flagging in the specific location where the crime was commited based on time, 60 min+5 min*level currently.
- You can only sneak when not seen by other players.

- Travelspeed increased on the worldmap.
- Only "good" drugs (stimpaks, radaways) are allowed to be used on others
- Timeouts aren't dropped when player is revived

Sat Sep 12, 2009 12:18

- When you logout on the worldmap with your followers, they shouldn't disappear anymore.
- Production facilities buffer again (it was entirely different issue, should be fixed now)
- Follower corpses are removed now properly after 10 minutes

- Default respawn time for NPCs which don't have it assigned is 10 minutes.

Sat Sep 12, 2009 15:12

- A bit longer time for dead followers corpse removal

- Use update tool to get the new faction001.dat or you can't see the new graphics.

Mon Sep 14, 2009 18:52

- TC reward containers should be openable even if someone deliberately locked them.
- You can enter sneak mode if seen by your teammates.
- Faction001.dat fixed. Use the update tool to update it.
- weakened timeout can be now ended using doctor skill.

- The primitive tool has now its own inventory image.
- The old shovel has now its own inventory image too.

- Lowered the level of dog mercs.

Mon Sep 14, 2009 23:36

- Use updater once again. Faction001.dat has been fixed... once again.

Thu Sep 17, 2009 18:52

- Cars no longer gives experience for repair when repair was not needed
- Fixed TC containers
- Doubled antiblock time

- Negotiation. That's need to be just tested if it will do against pkers, or whether it become major problem/source of exploits. Basically, after someone gets attacked(and he's not in combat mode already), he/she enters 'negotiation' mode, and is invulnerable for some time (negotiation timeout - calculated basing of speech skill and charisma). After the timeout ends, opponents may finish him while he's still near. After it ends, it is blocked for one real-minute, so one can't be invulnerable infinitely. During negotiation one cannot use items/skills.

- faction001.dat updated again. Use updater

Fri Sep 18, 2009 10:52

- Map entrance timeout (15 seconds - 5 seconds or even more from it might be eaten by loading time), that gives a chance to look around. For now it works for worldmap grids and green grids as well.

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Author of the topic Posted

Downtime aujourd'hui depuis 10h ce matin à peu près, pas d'info communiquée pour le moment.

edit : c'est Up (12h49) => Un petit coup d'updater (Faction001.dat) et c'est reparti !!

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Encore du nouveau:

Fri Sep 25, 2009 23:14
- Attacking player that is in 'entering' mode should no longer initiate his combat mode.
- Fixed Hub-stuck-bug (hopefully).
- Many other map fixes and changes.
- Added guards to Frisco tanker.
- Added guards to Gecko Powerplant.
- Added more entry points to Gecko.
- Modoc, Mariposa, Gecko, etc. are bigger now on the borders.

- It is possible now to buy brahmin caravan cars (Frisco, NCR).
- Brahmin caravans run on water. You can obtain water from water pipes in various towns. Just use empty waterbags on them.
- Disassembling weapons/armors (use your science, similar to how you'd use repair. Bonuses from tools apply.).
- You can now order your slaves, mercenaries to join the town garrison in any town that your faction controls. You can also dictate which laws should be enforced in this town, these laws apply to EVERYONE, even the controlling faction, and the guards won't hesitate to attack even the master. His loyalty lies with the town after joining the guard force.

- Dog mercs are a bit stronger again.
- No timeouts for mining spots
- Added 'overweight' limit for gathering resources
- Each resource object acts separately
- Experimental visibility/sneak changes:
a) field of view (press Q to check it), affected by obstacles
B) opponent's sneak skill suffers penalty:
* -90 when directly looking at opponent
* -60 when looking from frontsides
* -30 when opponent is in backside area
* no penalty for 'behind' hexes
c) penalty: 1 point per 200 gram of equipment carried

- Eyeshots are automatically demoted to headshot if target is not in direct line with attacker
- Doubled jet initial effect time.
- Empty hypodermic needles shows after stimpak usage (50% chance).

- Use updater to get faction002.dat!

- Stealing timeout: 30 seconds, lockpick timeout: 2 minutes
- Fixed stealing experience values and dir modifiers
- Demolition expert bonus explosives damage (it's currently not connected to the demolition expert profession though)
- Chance when walking over the mine to avoid explosion: 50% unless you've got light step perk
- Pathfinder perk worldmap speed bonus (25% per level)
- Bonus yielding items such as toolboxes/first aid kits/doctor bags have to be equipped in active slot while using appropriate skill
- Defusing active explosives with traps skill

Sat Sep 26, 2009 0:22
- Modoc crash bug. Use updater again to get the new files.

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Tout le gameplay Pvp vient de changer et pas qu'un peu, je viens d'en faire les frais...Va falloir revoir toutes les stratégies

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- Caravan-trees (see IMPORTANT)
- Disappearing corpses

- Fov/walls affect only critters in sneak mode (it means auto sneak-success if out of fov or behind wall)
- Sneak penalty for armors: 0 for leather jackets, -25 for leather armors, -50 for metal/combat armors, no sneaking with powered armors.
- Sneak penalty for total weight decreased to 1 point per 1000 gramm
- You can now type "+requesthelp <message>", to request GM assistance. In the message you should write what issue you have, make it as informative and clear as possible, if no GM is online, you'll be informed that you need to wait. This is to reduce nedless pms/threads on the forum. If it's an urgent bug you can report it here too.
- 'Use on' mode for sledgehammer

- Use updater to obtain new dat. Dat will be available later however.

faction003.dat ici :

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Tue Sep 29, 2009 23:42

- Empty and full waterbags have correct weight now.
- Death on worldmap is no longer a trap.

- Repeatable quest: possibility to conduct slave runs. Being a slaver, ask Metzger about "vacancy", if he likes you enough you will be offered the job. Only one possible slaverun location in the moment, more are on the way.

- Wall-occlusion check now applies to all (sneaking and nonsneaking) critters - so you're always invisible when hiding behind wall. Fov applies only to sneaking critters.
- 50% sneaking bonus when near (up to 2 hexes) various scenery objects - barrels, trees (not fences and other translucent walls)
- Shortened timeout for rotgut still (30 minutes), extended regrowing timeout for trees (120 minutes, although they're in encounters so it shouldn't matter), shortened timeout for barrel (60 minutes).
- Prettyfied plants/trees gathering.

- Use updater to obtain the new faction003.dat.

10 caractères minimum, content ?.

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L'updater me répète sans cesse "No update needed, Checking end", donc impossible de télécharger ce foutu fichier faction003.dat, comme si il n'y avait eu aucune MàJ... :(

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L'updater me répète sans cesse "No update needed, Checking end", donc impossible de télécharger ce foutu fichier faction003.dat, comme si il n'y avait eu aucune MàJ... :(

Si tu lisait le blog officiel , tu aurai pu voir qu'il faut pas le télécharger avec l'updater .
Mais apparament , c'est pas le cas ;D

Va dessus et prend l'un des lien pour le télécharger en DD

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Tu sais, si je n'y vais pas très souvent, c'est justement parce que je ne connais pas l'adresse du blog en question. :) Enfin bon, c'est pas grave, j'ai fini par trouver mon bonheur sur le forum de NMA...

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Je l'ai pas vu ailleurs :

Lien "Etat des serveurs" : http://fonline.scose.net/

PS: le 2238 devrait fonctionner d'après les "checks", et pourtant la connection y est toujours impossible ici
Edit: il est "checké" Offline maintenant tout va bien lol
Edit 2: j'arrive a jouer avec l'ancien FOnline.exe

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Le wipe est arrivéééééééééééhéhé, sans s'presseeeeeeeeeeheher...

Mais il est là quand même.

- Lots of map fixes.
- Fixed elevators.
- Lots of minor bugfixes, some bajers.

- You can ask followers what weapon they are most proficient with.
- Reputations system (affect interaction with certain NPCs, heavily affect guards reaction; modifiers to reputations in all groups are applied when you join or leave any npc-driven group like the Enclave or Slavers, impact on dialogs is WIP).
- Reworked traders supply system (they no longer offer full price for all items; weapon trader will pay more for weapons than for armour. Even more: low-levelled weapon trader will only pay at most 60% of the plasma rifle's value, still offering 95% for a pipe rifle. The opposite for a high-levelled trader, which will also happen to have higher barter skill).
- New underlaying system for the economy (banks, money flow, etc.).
- Frequent encounters in one zone can "drain it" and only "animal encounters" will be possible until it "regenerates" (literally, the encounters are now funded from zone's "money buffer").
- Khans (Raiders) faction added in game. To join it, talk to Metzger about "other work" once he gets to like you enough. Benefits: level 3 Small Guns profession, crafting of 7.62mm ammo.
- Mordino faction added in game. Benefits: Mordino's Druggist profession, NOT in game yet.
- Unarmed dueling, check Junktown. Placing bets is TODO.
- More unique encounters (maps).
- More slave run locations.
- 30 minutes of waiting between logging of another character.
- Weapon deterioration increase the probability of a critical failure.
- Ammo properties (DR mod, DM mod, AC mod and piercing ability) and additional weapon property (Weapon Perk, if any) shown in the item description.
- Followers menu: left alt + clicking on hex or critter will bring up a menu for issuing a "move" or "attack" order for all followers in sight range.
- Good/evil list: select the "angel" or the "devil" icon from popup menu on player to add him to either list. His nick will turn green or red accordingly.
- Prices for mercenaries are dynamic and will vary depending on demand
- map preview - peek into map without entering (from town/map interface, green triangle)

- Changed prices for obtaining a profession.
- Caves reworked, critters no longer spawn with weapons they can't use.
- New crafting tables.
- Town control: after 2 hours of uninterrupted control the controlling faction is given "permanent" control for the next 24 hours. Then the control is lost and the cycle is repeated. The reward is now paid in caps.
- Tracking reserved only for a scout profession (not in game yet).
- Reworked critical tables (most notable change being the reduction of armour piercing effect prevalence).
- More small changes in ammo and weapon strength.
- Flagging no longer change the nick colour, but is penalised with a reputation drop.
- Item deterioration no longer affect the item price, but breakage count does.
- Lots of prices adjustments, mostly for non-weapon and non-armour equipment.
- Entering timeout removed.
- (CH-1)/2 is a limit for a number of all followers (both following and guarding).
- Toughness perk changed: It has two ranks now, each rank gives +5% to normal DR and +2 to normal DT. Level and stat requirements remain the same.
- Surely lots of bugs were introduced for you to find

- calm down.

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