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Wasteland 2 Early Beta Update #29462 Notes


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Early Beta Build 01/08/14

High Profile Fixes Multiple improvements have been made to prevent infinite loading bugs Multiple adjustments have been made to prevent an enemy from not ending their turn Performance enhancements across the board Events should now play properly even if another is already playing Added Quick Save & Quick Load Switching characters in conversation should allow you to use their speech skills Modified and junk flags on inventory items should now be positioned correctly Removed unnecessary clicks in combat to smooth out the experience. Left click now immediately attacks a target.

Combat & Balance Adjusted weapon scale for energy pistol and AK-94 Ammo drops have been adjusted from NPCs Dropset improvements - Percentage to get an item is now going to be managed now more on the “drop” level than the “individual item” level. Skill bonuses will affect this roll. Surgeons now restore a flat number of CON when reviving an unconscious party member You can no longer interrupt an attack with another attack out of combat. This should prevent rapid fire attacks out of combat. Slight increase in performance when combat starts Fixed an issue with skills ignoring status effects and equipment Added some destructible cover – first pass Toasters can now explode when you critically fail to repair them Players should no longer get stuck in combat due to being encumbered Adjustments to CNPC becoming a NPC when dismissed Should no longer be able to spam perception Slightly increased amount of movement distance for speed attribute You should no longer automatically trigger a scene load window by proximity

User Interface Software cursor setting should be reset to default correctly Tooltips are now cleared when switching between screens Status effect tooltips should close properly Nationality should now be retained correctly after character creation Weapon crit chance icon in inventory should use the proper icon You can no longer use a skill keyword by typing if you do not have the proper skill

Optimization Optimization pass in some underground scenes Cleaned up backend errors in some speech Compressed some audio tracks to reduce audio footprint Many audio files should stream from disk instead of being compressed Destroying old no longer used highlight materials for memory cleanup Compressed some textures Destroying script created materials to prevent memory leaks

World Map Improvements to World Map Party path jerkiness when going around corners Skill keywords should function properly Hitch when discovering a new location should be eliminated

Animation & Navigation Added smoke idle animation Added death animation events Using a field medic item should play the proper animation Using the surgeon skill uses the surgery animation Minor field medic animation adjustments Adjustments to door functionality Adjusted animation events for unconscious fall Mobs adjust animation if their cover is destroyed Adjustments to orientation of unconscious or dead player

Audio Moved Mob sound FX out of the Global AudioController and into individual AudioControllers for each type. This should see an overall reduction in the memory used by the audio system! Fixed a typo in Cow SFX

Save / Load Game Added a save game name auto-suggest Added a load game button to the game over screen Broken save games will no longer show up or load. If the last save that was checked was invalid this no longer has an error when trying to save a new game Don’t allow to save games as reserved words Updated material for footfalls to give unique sounds per material type

Visual Created smoking icon Added Polaroids referencing 80’s items Generated cigarette asset Added destroyed art for all safes Additional clothes and characters for NPCs Adjusted ladder position for better visuals Many temp icons have been replaced with colored variants Adjusted some wall and floor textures Removing shadow casting and animation components from floor tile sets New loading screen Ranger Star Removed debug navmesh grid from some random encounters


Logbook & Radio Multiple logbook quest fixes Ag Center/Highpool: Making sure distress calls from HP/AC that you hear when in the other one. Ag Center & Highpool: Fixing the radio receivers so you can’t put extra repeaters in them after a load.

Level Design, Balance, & Reactivity Ace’s Murder Site: Fixed bug where NPCs would attack even if the player paid the toll. Ace’s Murder Site: Adjusted text for the metal leg examine text Ace’s Murder Site Angela doesn’t bark about leg if already picked up. Ace’s Murder Site: Added a few destructible objects Ace’s Murder Site: Fixed cave display issues Ag Center: Fixed Typo in Julio dialog Ag Center: Made mushroom caves doorway more visible Ag Center: Arrow to the knee joke took an arrow to the knee Ag Center: Ensure that we don’t have any stray pod people wandering the lab Ag Center: Added keyword Exploding Pods to Julio Ag Center Destroyed: Adjusted combat triggers Ag Center Destroyed: Adjusted location of reservoir from Kathy Ag Center: Rose’s journal description update Ag Center: Making it impossible to miss the researchers stuck in vines Ag Center: Rename Rose’s journal item Ag Center: Infirmary patients actually lie down in their beds now. Ag Center: Kathy radio calls for Winston and Rachel not fired if no longer relevant. Ag Center: Crates in Rose’s room can be opened after she’s done yelling at you. Ag Center: Adding Rose’s red herring journal Ag Center: Skinner saved examine text Ag Center: Fixing flow of Matt Forrestal selling stuff, making it cost scrap Ag Center: Added “Fuel Cell” keyword, changed “Gadget” keyword Ag Center: Making Skinner respond to breaking down/lockpicking the door, also making it so if you leave the scene fast he stops following you. Ag Center Destroyed: Fixing a bug where Kathy Lawson could get stuck in a broken state that messed up the save game. Highpool: Townies should behave more like a townie Highpool: Juvies should accept any cigarettes Highpool: Everyone should be facing the platform during the voting sequence. Highpool: You should no longer be able to access the underground area of the pipes blow. Highpool: Crane should now bring all party members Highpool: Fixing journal and logic for Jack Swallow and Laddie Highpool Underground: Better reactivity for Kate Preston Highpool: Turned off nav static on small objects, put mesh collider back on roof so grid builds. Highpool: Adjusted Jess-Belle character model Highpool: You can no longer talk to Bergin as he’s walking after the vote. Highpool: Fixed multiple typos and spacing issues in text Highpool: Added destructible objects Highpool: Use a trigger volume instead of proximity to start Bergin’s first convo Highpool: Angela should no longer get stuck in a wall Highpool: Additional typo adjustments Highpool: Adjusted Jackhammer description Highpool: You should be able to explode propane tanks properly Highpool Destroyed: Add Jess-Belle corpse Highpool Destroyed: Added a few destructible objects. Rail Nomads: Fixed an issue wherein combat failed to start between the Topekans and the Atchisons if a peaceful resolution could not be reached. Rail Nomads: Adding journal and some better triggering for Scotchmo’s secret stash Rail Nomads: Fixing player target on turtle Rail Nomads: Cleanup of regional keywords Rail Nomads: Added Rail Thieves keyword, made minor changes throughout. Rail Nomads: Added Rail Thieves line. Changed Help line to mention Rail Thieves. Rail Nomads: Added Rail Thieves line and girl lines Rail Nomads: Added Rail Thieves barks Rail Nomads: Adjusted keyword Rail Bandits to Rail Thieves Rail Nomads: Adjusted drowning boy lines Rail Nomads: Adjusted some jerk lines Rail Nomads: Typo in Samuel Haas conversation Rail Nomads: Added Radio keyword to Bergin’s intro, and changed Radio line. Rail Nomads: Making it possible to shoot the booby trap on the bike that could kill Jessie. Rail Nomads: Hooking up better logic and logbook entries for Katy Bowling. Rail Nomads: Renaming RSM dude to Pitbull, cleaning up his dialog on entry Rail Nomads: Cursor should now display when hovering over the bridge near the entrance Rail Nomads: Rework trigger for Ralphy/Jessie conversation Rail Nomads: Ralphie now runs home after being saved from the lake Rail Nomads: Typo in Jessie’s dialog Rail Nomads: Dialog changes to NPC Kekkahbah regarding the security of the golden spike. Rail Nomads: Chisel should no longer start with an empty conversation Rail Nomads: Enemies should not enter combat from large distances Random Encounters: Fixed ammo type for enemy AI Random Encounters: Players should no longer get stuck on the edge of the map Ranger Citadel: Adjusted typing spacing on multiple Wade Woodson lines Ranger Citadel: Made changes to lines about Angie, Red Skorpions, and Gilbert from General Vargas Ranger Citadel: Added “Ask” and “Freaks” keywords, changed “Artificial Leg” keyword Ranger Citadel: Setting up universal NPC death for Angela (won’t show up inside if you manage to kill her outside) Ranger Citadel: Make Nur Giebitz bark and open the door on proximity instead of detection. Avoids a bug where you can accidentally miss his detection and fail to open the door. Ranger Citadel: Drill team dismissed after you complete the first radio (Ag or HP) Ranger Citadel: Fixed inaccurate subtitle text for recorded Audio of Vargas in Ranger Citadel and Radio calls Ranger Citadel: Vargas is now out front training some new recruits until you finish the first repeater quest. You can turn in the robot leg, and Ace’s logbook to him. Ranger Citadel: Fixed spacing typos in Cochise line

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