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[Officiel] 26/09/2012 00h14 - This is a thoughtful analysis of the evolution of the


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This is a thoughtful analysis of the evolution of the RPG and the tradeoffs of skill based systems. He touches on our philosophy of how party based games can solve certain issues but we also have NPCs and often large payoffs for obscure skills to further balance things. We will definitely have a mixture of combat and non-combat skills as per the first game.

Toaster repairman: the strange (and unfinished) evolution of RPG character creation « sinisterdesig
When Wasteland 2 reached full funding on Kickstarter, a discussion began to brew in the RPG community about ways to improve on the original game. Among the many subjects of debate was whether (and if so,how)to improveon the skill-based character creation system employed by Wasteland (anddue to reapp...


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