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Mise à jour de la boutique atomique : 16 novembre — 23 novembre


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Source : actualité originale sur Bethesda.net


Read on to catch a preview of the latest and greatest items and offers that are currently available in the Atomic Shop, including this week’s free items.

Free Items


Give your C.A.M.P. a little privacy with the Red Flower Long Curtains! Fallout 1st members can also claim the Blue Corvega Trailer until December 7.

Item Available Until
Red Flower Long Curtains November 23
Blue Corvega Trailer (Fallout 1st) Deccember 7

Visit the Atomic Shop each day to claim a different reward, like consumables, in-game currencies, and more. Each of the items below is available until 12:00 p.m. ET the following day.

Item Available On
Perfect Bubblegum November 16
Rad-X x3 November 17
Repair Kit November 18
Caps x250 November 19
Gold Bullion x25 November 20
Lunchbox November 21
Nuclear Keycard November 22

Let's Celebrate!

November 14 marked three years since we first step foot outside Vault 76. Grab some fireworks, and light up the sky in celebration! Each Firework collection is available until 12:00 p.m. ET the Following day.

Item Available On
Trail Fireworks x15 + Repair Kit November 16
Trail Fireworks x15 + Scrap Kit November 17
Trail Fireworks x15 + Lunchbox November 18
Trail Fireworks x15 + Repair Kit November 19
Trail Fireworks x15 + Scrap Kit November 20

Limited Time Offers

76 Pilgrim Turkey Outfits 1920

76 Turkey Outfit 1920x870

Gather your friends and family around for a nice hearty meal! This week we’re introducing the Thanksgiving Tables Bundle, which is sure to bring some comfort to all… even during an apocalypse.

Item Atom Price
Thanksgiving Tables Bundle 1200
Thanksgiving Adult Table 500
Thanksgiving Kids Table 500
Thanksgiving Adult Chair 250
Thanksgiving Kids Chair 250
Drip Candles 250
Pilgrim Outfit 700 490(30% Off!)
Turkey Mascot Outfit 900 630(30% Off!)

Some items from last week are still available for a limited time.

76 WildwoodDen 1920x870

Item Atom Price
Wildwood Den Bundle 1000
Wildwood Den 700
Covered Bridge Kit 500
Red Cedar Hedge 250
Item Atom Price

Greatest Hits

Some of our favorite items have returned to the Atomic Shop for a little while. Add these items to your collection before they head back to the Vault on November 23.

Item Atom Price
Thanksgiving Kitchen Bundle 2250
Stainless Steel Refrigerator 500
Thanksgiving Display Case 300
Camden Park Woodstove 500
Thanksgiving Corn Wreath 200
Rustic Sink 300
Nixie Tube Wall Light 300
Vault-Tec Wall Shelving 300
Contemporary Wallpaper Set 500


Be sure to pick up anything that catches your eye, because these items will only be available until 12:00 p.m. ET on November 23.

Item Atom Price
Utility Room Bundle 2000
Blue Vending Machine 500
Cash Register Vending Machine 500
Clean Water Purifier 300
Red Enamel Cooking Stove 300
Giant Letter Kit 700
Dungeon Door 300
Gun Rack Set 500

Weekly Offers

Item Atom Price Available From Available Until
Iron Cactus Set 200 100(50% Off!) November 16 November 17
Colored Wood Floor 500 250(50% Off!) November 17 November 18
Cactus Set 200 100(50% Off!) November 18 November 19
Grain Silo 500 250(50% Off!) November 19 November 20
Seasonal Elm Trees 500 250(50% Off!) November 20 November 21
Rustic Watermill 500 250(50% Off!) November 21 November 22
Corvega Turret Skin Bundle 500 250(50% Off!) November 22 November 23
Free States Junkyard Power Armor Paint (Fallout 1st) 1200 600(50% Off!) November 16 November 23
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