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Bonjour les survivors ! J'ai trouvé ça sympatoche ;)

Ici rambooze nous présente un travail superbe en se réappropriant les grottes toxiques aux Geckos de Fallout 2, une zone du début du jeu où nous partons à la recherche du fils disparu de la patronne d'un petit village.

Enjoy ;)


Texte original :

"This is a remake of the place called Toxic Caves in my favorite Fallout 2 game.
Fallout 2 has a lot of interesting places but I really liked this place when I was playing for the first time, it was in the very beginning of the game and you know nothing about the game's world. The place has been abandoned for more than 80 years and one day you came there and repaired a generator, that's actually why we have some stuff in working conditions. The level had interesting progression from a simple cave to a man-made basement and eventually to the retro sci-fi interiors that was really mysterious for me - What the heck? What all this stuff is doing here? I didn't know that it was a secret military base before.
The main goal for me was to convey the atmosphere of that place as I felt it. The level is pretty dark due to its desolation, that's why I was relying mostly on the video since it's hard to make interesting screenshots of a such dark level (it's like the Doom 3, they have awesome environments but you see them mostly in the flashlight spot, but it was necessary due to an atmosphere).
So, turn off the light and welcome to the wasteland. Hope you'll like it. Thanks." 

Vidéo : 


Source : 


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C'est absolument magnifique, bon OK, dès que j'ai lancé la vidéo j'étais sous le charme de la musique. Mais cette ambiance, c'est.... c'est.... c'est Fallout ! ça me donne le smile :) .

Merci pour le partage @Salutbob

Il voudrait pas nous refaire toutes les maps comme ça :p .  Il manque les geckos mais quelle atmosphère bon dieu !

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