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[Mod][FNV] Fallout : The Frontiers


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Un joli mod avec de belles promesses et un beau trailer :






Fallout: The Frontier Features

Here are just some of the unique features making their debut in The Frontier that you have to look forward to.

-note- The list is neither complete nor all-inclusive. -note-

* Boss Fights! What's a video game without boss fights? Shabby that's what!
The Frontier Introduces epic entanglements where brain often trumps brawn!

* Custom Worldspace! Winter metropolis, icy caverns, even an underwater lab are some of the many epic new locations to discover!
Each scene was painstakingly built and detailed from the ground up (literally). Currently, the worldspace stands bigger than the Mojave!

* New gameplay!
You'll have your grubby wastelander hands full with new quests, puzzles, war zones, player home,
secrets, and even optional bonuses like Trapping and an Arena! The Frontier brings a whole a new story.

* Unrivaled visuals! Weather Wizard Marcurios and VFX Guru Weijiensen combine
forces to bring you HD weathers with custom emitters!

* Numerous "world's firsts"! Devilswish182 is spearheading a lot of never-been-done scripts. Some of these include
Arial dogfights, spreading fires, footprints, and of course, a lot more!

The Frontier will bring a whole new level of modding to Fallout.

Le site officiel : http://www.falloutthefrontier.com/

La galerie : http://www.falloutthefrontier.com/gallery/


Trouvé sur Le journal du Gamer

edit : l'entrainement au combat :


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