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Depuis quelques semaines, il y a ce truc qui circule sur NMA. Si quelqu'un sait en quoi ça consiste.

FreeFT is an open-source isometric, single player RPG engine which uses Fallout Tactics assets (original copy is required if you want to run the demo). This is still work in progress, some major features are missing (scripting, dialogues, game UI, AI) but also a lot of stuff has been done. You can check out the videos on vimeo, or you can download the executables from sourceforge and run it yourself.

I was writing this for the last few months. Development was done under Linux (windows executables also), using gcc, vim and git for version control. Whole project is approaching 20K lines of code (more than 500 KBytes).
I'm posting it just now, because I'm sure that something interesting might come out of it.

Executables for windows:
Before running game.exe you have to convert the resources to native FreeFT format by running:
convert.exe -p c:/path_to_fot all
It should take no more than few minutes. After that you can run the game or the editor.
If you wan to run it under linux you can compile it yourself, or use Wine.

Source code:



Controls in the game:
LMB: move / interact
RMB: attack
Middle mouse dragging: change view
keypad + / -: change stance
t: teleport
up / down: select item
up / down + CTRL: select item in container
left / right: move item to / from container
shift: walk

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Ben ya pas mal de librairies utilisées, pour la compilation

- libpng - zlib - libzip - rapidxml included in libs/rapidxml*/, licensed under Boost Software License - lz4 included in libs/lz4/, licensed under BSD license

4. Used libraries / resources: - Liberation fonts (licensed under SIL Open Font License) - fonts converted to bitmaps using BMFont - GLFW


Mais une fois qu'on a déjà le game.exe, le editor.exe ou le convert.exe normalement on a plus besoin de tout ça..

Du coup toi tu coince à quelle étape ? Moi j'ai pas ma galette de tactics sur moi, je pourrais essayer que demain.

pour me contacter: [email protected] -> [email protected]

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