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[Officiel] 10/11/2012 02h02 - inXile wants to give credit to our Wasteland fans who


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inXile wants to give credit to our Wasteland fans who are combat veterans!

Game credit that is. inXile is looking for small group of combat veterans to join our Veterans Advisory Panel. This group will help us to vet some of our military lingo and help us get it right. While our game is set 115 years after the apocalypse, the Desert Rangers are still a military group that have their roots in the US Army. While the Desert Rangers are not exactly as organized or as formal as the US Military, we still want to make sure that the language we use is based on a solid foundation of reality and we need your experience to help us get there.

Those selected to be on our Veterans Advisory Panel will be given access to a private forum where we will share some design documents and scripts and discuss our thoughts on the history of the Desert Rangers, their vocabulary, and their communication techniques. For participating in the VAP, members will all receive in game credit as well as a boxed copy of the final game. More importantly, members of the VAP will all be immortalized in Wasteland 2 by appearing in the game as one of the legendary Desert Rangers. That’s right, we will name a Desert Ranger after you!

Anyone interested please send a brief description of their service to [email protected]

Happy Veterans Day from inXile!


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pour me contacter: [email protected] -> [email protected]

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