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2 files

  1. New Vegas Original Game Soundtrack [MP3]

    01. Main Title 02. The Doctor Is In 03. Howdy Pardner 04. Wasteland Justice 05. Mutant Massacre 06. No Rest for These Bones 07. Industrial De-Evolution 08. Not My Vault 09. Primm and Proper 10. Knock on My Cazador 11. Jacobstown Ladder 12. CCC Doesn t Work for Free 13. Marcus Needs a Favor 14. Mountaintop Movement 15. Beneath the Streets 16. Garden of Evil 17. The Courier Walks Softly 18. Under the Stars 19. TCB in Freeside 20. Out of Business 21. Subterranean Meltdown 22. Rubble of the Forgotten 23. The Gangs of New Vegas 24. Junkies in the Trunk 25. Boys and Ghouls 26. The Two Headed Bear 27. Battle for the City 28. Rocket to Repconn 29. Thorn in My Side 30. Blood and the Bull 31. Hail Caesar 32. Righteous Republic 33. The Viper s Sting 34. Monsters of the Mojave 35. Dam Nation 36. Begin Again 37. Home on the Wastes 38. New Vegas Valley 39. Streets of New Reno




  2. Musique d'intro Fallout New Vegas

    La musique d'intro de FNV : Blue Moon, de Frank Sinatra.
    Tiré du double album "Greatest Hits".




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