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Wasteland 3 : Du nouveau sur les temps de chargement


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A en croire ce tweet, et sa démonstration en vidéo, le prochain patch devrait corriger l'ennui majeur du jeu actuellement :





Si c'est vraiment le cas, j'arrête de jouer immédiatement jusqu'à la sortie du prochain patch.

C'est juste trop impactant comme différence (9 secondes au lieu de 27!)  <3


pour me contacter: [email protected] -> [email protected]

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Le patch 1.1.2 est sorti avec au menu l'énorme réduction sur les temps de chargement





Wasteland 3 Patch 1.1.2 "Save Scummers Delight" Now Live – Steam & GOG

Our continued thanks to those playing and enjoying Wasteland 3, and for those of you who have continued to report issues, and bring our attention to solutions and reproduction steps. It's been heartening to see so many of you looking to help us continue to improve the experience, and we're dedicated to doing just that for the foreseeable future.


This update has some big changes, including the oft-requested improvements to load times, as well as fixes for some progression blockers, and more. Reducing the load times was a big undertaking to essentially rewrite how our level load procedure works, but we think you'll appreciate the result—especially if love to save and reload to get that perfect outcome (we won't tell).


Patch 1.1.2 is now live on Steam and GOG with Microsoft Store, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions going live early next week following their certification release process. Please note that for cross-platform co-op on PC, both the Host and Client will need to have matching versions.



  • Do you hate long load times? We hate long load times. Our engineers changed how the game loads levels, reducing load times by up to 60% on PC and 25% on console.

- As one example, on our PC test hardware a 38 second load time was reduced to 13 seconds.

  • Fixed an issue where combat could become unresponsive with use of the Chain Ambush Perk for sniper rifles.

  • Resolved several progression blocking issues in Yuma County Speedway.

  • Enemies are now much less invisible after use of Precision Strike.


Performance & Stability

  • Significantly changed how levels load, resulting in up to 60% faster load speeds across the game on PC, and on average 25% faster for consoles.

- Note: your hardware, save data, and which level you’re loading into can all impact load times. Your mileage may of course vary.

- As part of this change, auto-saves will no longer occur as a part of the level load, and instead happen concurrently. This can lead to situations where you’ve loaded into the next scene but an auto-save is still in-progress. Don’t close the game while the Ranger star is spinning.

  • Major Prasad will no longer crash your game if you exit while she’s still talking.

  • Additional stability and performance improvements for consoles that were too technical for the person writing these patch notes to understand and explain easily. It’s good stuff though. All good stuff.

- We’ll be continuing to target and resolve specific stability issues as necessary.



  • Players can no longer attack companions that are in the process of being recruited by the other player, in case your partner likes to troll.

  • Fixed an issue where the Guest client could become unresponsive when talking with Hope Emerson and choosing to side with Del Hackett and her people.

  • Improved stability while in the Hire Companion screen.

  • Players can now use the keyboard in the lobby screen to choose game type, options, invite player, and ready up.

  • Enabled UI Narration in the Direct Connection interface and for multiplayer game messages sent through chat.

  • Fixed an issue with voice chat text-to-speech and speech-to-text.

  • [Microsoft Store] Resolved an issue where guests couldn’t rejoin a lobby they’d just left.


Quests & Gameplay

  • Resolved an issue where quirks could become unselectable during character creation.

  • Fixed a potential blocker with Medical Marvel not allowing revival without use of a Nitro Spike.

  • Resolved a rare issue that would block you from speaking to a companion.

  • The door in Yuma County Speedway leading to Liberty is now unbreakable as intended.



  • Fixed minor graphical issue with the radio.

  • Some cinematic characters have been given microdermabrasion treatments and now have better looking skin.

  • Skill levels for recruitable characters now display properly in all cases.

  • Mission status should no longer display incorrectly after quest completion or updates.

  • Resolved issue where the spinning Ranger Star would permanently stay on screen after saving the game.




pour me contacter: [email protected]m -> [email protected]

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