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Release FAQ - Technical Questions

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Pas vraiment le temps de traduire tout ça mot à mot, si vous avez des questions, allez y.


Technical Questions

Will save files or characters transfer over from the original game?

No. The number of changes to the game in the Director's Cut means it's more or less impossible for us to guarantee compatibility. Save file formats have changed on a technical level and old saves may not be read correctly in the Director's Cut, and the gameplay changes mean that characters made on the old version of the game would not play well in the Director's Cut.

Are the system requirements different from the original version?

Our system requirements are identical to the original game in terms of hardware. However, Wasteland 2: Director's Cut no longer supports 32-bit operating systems on Windows. If you are unable to use a 64-bit operating system, you can still play the original Wasteland 2 game as normal.

Is the game's install size any different?

Yes. The Director's Cut install is smaller than the original game, at about 15 GB, vs. 19 GB for the original. We still recommend you have about 30 GB of hard drive space free, for storage of temporary files and to ensure smooth performance.

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