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  1. Thanks guys Yea i was not able to find one on the internet so why not make one my own and share it aye? Well hope it helps have fun
  2. Edit par HawK-EyE, suite à un problème d'édition pour le guide de Fallout New Vegas en Français, les cartes n'étant pas présentes dans les guides lors de leur vente initiale, l'éditeur propose de télécharger cette carte en attendant de recevoir les versions physiques. La version française et HD de cette carte est disponible ici : Hello Everyone, I know english isnt normal here but i just cant speak frensh anymore :< And this might help the new vegas players a lot I was not able to find it on the internet so I made a full New Vegas map. (Edit: Added a pinter versio
  3. About the reworking of NA. I think we should regroup. Becouse.... Red dots attack with like 15 people... no way we stand a chance... but if all the faction of NA. attack together, we will be victorious!
  4. W00t nice Screens i even found myself in it And love the video:D