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  1. New pvp accounts for me and marko-blackguard and G-gundam. Takara v4 kicked- thief.
  2. Marko gives his acc to brother and makes new ZetaGundam. List updated.
  3. Updated. and he is Molsen not Molsten
  4. I hope that this does not apply to the black list people killing, because if I dont kill them, they kill me.
  5. But this is no reason why you would not accept us. Any association before joined the North Alliance before was killed someone of them. We are also a few times have died from NA, and we have no reason why not to join.
  6. In that day before little time we was killed by SOT. Then we go back to fight, they dont be there, then you come in, we dont know who are you and your friends, then attack.