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  1. We have managed to make some skirmish attacks during every night since DA+DMC+RD dominance when its not so dangerous. I dont know whats the situation now, if they are still together, but I hunger for big battle which involves best stuff. So gather all people and stuff and well see what we can do.
  2. Havoc, your biggest argument here is that VSB is supporting some individuals who are known for their vile attitude towards some gangs. If all things said about someone are true, I wish we wont support him anymore. We in VSB seriously need a discussion about who to consider as an ally and who as an enemy (in terms of individuals ofc). If a single member of our gang is befriended with such persons, it doesnt mean the whole VSB supports it. Im looking forward to some "agreements" on sunday.
  3. Hes in BGS now as u can see, and afaik BSG joined NA, so yes, hes still an ally
  4. Sure why not, nevertheless I dont have any right to decide which gang can and which cant join NA. Im just explaining what happened one day and hoped to read some good arguments.
  5. I was alone, and considering my items, u should get basic idea of what was I doing there. I know that SOT came later, but thats not much of an excuse
  6. Well i dont know what to think about these guys. Ive met bloody, raider_trader and sapieris in mariposa and without warning they killed and attacked 2 of my characters. Kinda PK gang :nono: