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  1. Let's be honest with each ourselves: No decent RP in fonline is possible for 2 reasons: Our engilsh is far (sometimes very far) from perfect. GM interface is not designed to make quests (called "events") Also there is not enough GM's (and/or they are to occupied/lazy) and game is simply not developed enough to ensure some diversified gameplay. PKing is unfortunatley (or fortunatley) only way to get some pleasure/excitement from this game. Aslo, from my personal experiance in RP in online games: You can forget about decent level of rp on server without GM authorization of characters (checkin
  2. First: I have to apologize Orphans and Spades, you propably were prestent on operations, but on Cajuns channel, that's why i've jumped to this wrong conclusions. Second: Yes, BBS is waiting for us to collapse. Third: There are more and more 'incidents' involving VSB friends. BOW (Cameleon, Bonifacy and other fuckers, liars and low-lifes like them) were screaming "REDDOTS ARE NOT NA! KILL REDDOTS!" for cajuns, trying to confuse us during battle. VSB dude killed one of us for killing Cameleon. He's nasty fucker that betrayed many gangs, i have logs supporting it. Also vsb recent "anti-pk" ide
  3. About free PK - does freedom always mean anarchy? Filing complains about way of RedDot's style of gaming is quite hypocritic - our style is the same as it was before but suddenly it appeared bad to you, just when the biggest enemy died and you feel secure to make your demans. Cryo - the problem with Orphans, Spades and even vsb (in the recent part of NA history) is that those teams sevral times refused to help others/take part in joint operations "because there is not enough of us" or "we don't have equipment at the moment". It's very hard to treat such teams equal to TMT which fought always,
  4. Spades? Who will be next? SPAD's dudes? You said on the first post here that NA should consist of CAJUNS, VSB, TMT and RED's.
  5. Orphans Orphans... With all due respect - their involement in combat situations was always poor or none. Bantz - why Red's should have 3 cities? Because we agreed for this on the begining of alliance.
  6. You said that orphans dont play any longer. And we agreed on the begining for 3 cities for RD. But, if orphans play and they present some power, they can have this city, why not. And Redding as no-pk are? That's sad :(
  7. Klamath - Cajuns Den - VSB Redding - RD - free pk Modoc - TMT - free pk Gecko - RD - free pk Broken Hills - RD - free pk Just like we agreed on the begining of NA, only difference is that TMT took place of Orphans. So, any problems?