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  1. Hopefully, we wont shoot each other so there will be somobody alive on the meeting:)
  2. Those persons are neither our friend, neither egoslayers. They are on our blaclist and nobody is defending them. Dark Angel is a personal friend of one of our leaders. But as a gang we wont defend him, if you want to kill him.
  3. I didnt agrred on something like that, but ok, I believe you. But the situation changed, and tell me the reason why should it be like that? Are u that many? Did u bring three times more people to fight than Cajuns or VSB?
  4. Tell me one good reason why Reds should have three cities. Shangalars propositon is acceptable for me, though there will be further discussion with my teammates.
  5. About Egoslayers: I wasnt precise I meant that they follow the rules of NA more than some others. And to the alliance with DA:The probability of such act is very small. VSB still thinks from now on we should act more like independent teams in peace with each other, dividing towns and limit the cooperation. We still can get back together as soon as DA will come back or another threat as centaurs will emerge. It would greatly encourage the PvP for smaller gangs.
  6. I realy dont see a reason why should be Egoslayers considered enemies. They are not on mumble, but in terms of killing PKs and enemies are better than some members on mumble. They should remain friends of NA.
  7. Of course not, killing blaclisted people and enemies is allright, random PKing, with the reason "he is alone" is not.
  8. Some of the guys above are PKs. If you want to join NA, this behavior is not acceptable. Truth is that RedDots used to PK too and they dont do it anymore(hopefully:-)), so I guess we could accept you, but if there will be any reports of you PKing, you are back on my blaclist. I am not happy about letting player killers in, but i think everybody deserves second chance. Not third though, so behave.