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  1. Hello and welcome to yet another FIFE news update :-)When I decided to step back from my position as project manager of FIFE so I could focus on my studies and private life back in September last year, I was hoping to find a new developer who would overtake my tasks and act as new project manager of FIFE. Unfortunately there were no long waiting queues of volunteers who would have liked to jump into this effort right away. On the other side I didn't invest much time and effort into finding a replacement for me as I was preparing for my final Latin exams back then. So now that that I got some s
  2. Hello and welcome to yet another FIFE news update! This time we got quite some important news to announce: the FIFE-based real-time economy simulation and strategy game OpenAnno released its first public milestone recently. The primary purpose of this release is to show the framework in action and to attract some new interested developers for the OpenAnno project this way. Although there is rudimentary gameplay available, don't expect something too sophisticated our you'll end up disappointed. Their release comes in three flavours: precompiled binaries for 32 & 64bit Linux distros and a
  3. Hello and welcome to yet another FIFE update!This time we got a whole pack of news for you today:- Linux OpenGL bug that was worrying us for over a year finally fixed by OpenAnno developer!- Rewrite of the rendering pipeline planned to improve performance and add the possibility of more advanced graphical features.- FIFE becomes the Flexible Isometric Free Engine.- 3 years of FIFE IRC birthday party at 2008/09/11.- Departure of a founding developer. Who will it be?You can read about it at the FIFE developer blog.
  4. Hello and welcome to yet another FIFE update :-)This time we'll cover the ongoing name change process of the project. We asked the community to send in proposals for a new name and new meanings for the FIFE acronym to underline that we've moved away from our Fallout roots. Now that the proposals have been sent in, we've opened a poll and every user who's registered at the forums got over three weeks to vote for two of the choices.Furthermore our artist Lamoot started working on two new tutorials that should help FIFE users to create nice-looking isometric graphics. The birthday of the FIFE pro
  5. Welcome to yet another FIFE update! This time we're proud to bring the second issue of the community spotlight series to you. In this episode we cover the progress (or the lack of it) of the current FIFE-based projects in general but also the development of the OpenAnno project in detail. OpenAnno is a free and open source realtime economy simulation with strategy elements loosely oriented towards Sunflower's Anno series. You can read the full community spotlight article at the FIFE developer blog. Here is a little visual teaser for those who would like to get a first impression of OpenA
  6. It's time for a little FIFE update again :-) We're currently considering to change the name of the project or to choose at least a new meaning for the FIFE acronym to express that we've moved away from our initial Fallout roots. The engine is simply neither limited to Fallout-like games in particular nor to RPGs in general anymore. We would like to hear what the community thinks about it. You got two weeks to bring up proposals for new names or new meanings for the FIFE acronym at our forums: http://forums.fifengine.de/index.php?topic=93.0 After that we'll open a poll and all registered fo
  7. We've done it again! We proudly present the FIFE 2008.1 release :-) Download: Source package (FreeBSD, Linux, Macintosh) Win32 binaries For the 2008.1 release we decided to stick to the tropical island concept and called our example game "Rio de hola". Caution: this release is still lacking a lot of polish, especially the "Rio de hola" game that ships with it. It lacks almost any form of gameplay but there is a reason why we decided to ship the release in its current form nevertheless. We planned to release future FIFE milestones under the LGPL to offer a less "restrictive" license to p
  8. Welcome to yet another FIFE update! This one covers a whole bunch of aspects. Finally the end of the license switch process from GPL to LGPL is in sight. Furthermore we're currently replacing our unittests, consider to upgrade to the latest guichan release and plan to release a new win32 compile SDK soon. FIFE recently gained some new developers and the datasets branch will hopefully get merged into trunk rather soon. You got curious? Check out the full news update at the FIFE developer blog: http://mirror1.cvsdude.com/trac/fife/engine/wiki/2008/06/18/03.41 Still not really convinced? Ma
  9. There are two important things to talk about so we decided to post a little developer blog update to keep the community up to date about the current status of the project.FIFE is still progressing rather slow because of the lack of active developers who can invest time into the project. If you think you could help, please don't don't hesitate to grab the latest code from SVN to have a look into it and get in contact with us after that.We recently released an upgraded compile SDK for win32 systems. You can read about all of this in detail at the FIFE developer blog:http://mirror1.cvsdude.com/tr
  10. Hello and welcome to yet another FIFE update :-)Unfortunately this one contains somewhat bad news as the majority of our key developers have been quite busy lately. Now I'm facing some serious university issues so I'll need to take a temporaty break from the project as well.We appreciate all kind of help by new interested developers. We know that there are more tempting tasks than applying for a development team that is currently going through a drying time. But we wanted to be always up front about the status of the project so that's we think it's our duty to inform the community about lack o
  11. Howdy and welcome to yet another FIFE news update :-)This time we cover our ongoing efforts to release the next FIFE milestone under a less restrictive license compared to the current GPL licensing. This topic seems to be especially interesting for independent developers who consider to use FIFE for a game project but are afraid of the current licensing policy.You can read the whole news update at the developer blog:License mumbo jumbo at the FIFE blog
  12. Welcome to yet another FIFE news update.A lot of topics to cover and just few time on my hands so I'll just list everything and you decide if it's worth reading :-)* New project manager on the team and first blog update by him* New composer on the team and first music tracks available* Experimental networking branch (woohoo! multiplayer FIFE)* Experimental MSVC2008 build system support* Physfs branch* New context menu* A new name for FIFE?* First Zero-Projekt video releasedIn case one of these topics sounds worth checking out, head over to our developer blog:* Blog update: the smell of spring*
  13. Just a short update :-) a first SVN snapshot of the upcoming 2008.1 release is availabe for win32 systems. Download URL: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/fife/FIFE_pre-2008.1_r2282_win32.exe Important changes since the 2008.0 release: - Instance outlining - Real stepless zoom for OpenGL render backend - Curing singletonitis by getting rid of audio manager & vfs singleton via refactoring - New music by the new composer torrent71 Unpack to HDD and read the README.txt that resides in the root directory. Screenshots of new features that ship with this release: Improved editor tool
  14. It's time for yet another FIFE update :-) This time we got something special for you: a new series entitled "FIFE community spotlight". The idea behind these new community spotlight articles is to have a closer look at the projects which are utilizing FIFE for their games. The first community spotlight covers the computer roleplaying game project "Zero" that is currently in development. You can read about it at the FIFE blog: FIFE community spotlight #1: Zero - a postnuclear cRPG Here is some eye candy from Zero to convince you to actually read the whole community spotlight article:
  15. Thanks for translating our news update HawK-EyE :-) that was really appreciated.And here are some news from the FIFE team: we released a new version of our compile SDK for win32 systems today.The new SDK addresses an issue with MSVC2005 debug builds that was just recently discovered. Furthermore libSDL and SWIG have been upgraded to the latest versions.Read the full announcement at the FIFE development blog:New compile SDK for win32 release announcementDownload URL:* FIFE 2008.0 win32 compile SDK (selfextracting 7zip version)* FIFE 2008.0 win32 compile SDK (zip version)