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1 It's All Over But The Crying - The Ink Spots
2 Straighten Up and Fly Right - Andrews Sisters
6 A Good Man Is Hard To Find - Cass Daley
8 Keep A-Knockin' (but You Can't Come In) - Louis Jordan
11 Walking The Floor Over You - Ernest Tubb
13 Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition - Kay Kyser
21 Take Me Home, Country Roads - Fallout 76
29 I Didn't Know the Gun Was Loaded - Andrews Sisters
30 Answer to Driving Nails in My Coffin - Jerry Irby
32 I Can't Dance (I Got Ants in My Pants) - Chick Webb
36 Happy Days Are Here Again - Ben Selvin
40 Jumpin' at the Woodside - Count Basie
43 We Three (My Echo My Shadow And Me) - The Ink Spots
45 I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire - The Ink Spots


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